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Adult Kung Fu

They receive recognized certificates in the name of the Temple and transferable to other schools in the Wushu Organization.

Traditional Martial Arts Training

Traditional martial arts training refers to training in a martial art that is rooted in the tenets set forth by the original master of the art. Subsequent masters are chosen to carry on the traditional teachings of that particular art. Often, the traditional martial art is rooted in a country’s history.

As such, traditional martial arts training implies that a student uphold the philosophical principles of the art and practice its techniques in a fashion similar to the founder’s or in the style’s natural progression.

The lineage between students and masters is very important in traditional martial arts training. For example, Bruce Lee was a student of wing chun master Ip Man. However, he is not considered a master of the art because he was never given the title by Ip Man.

Raoul Giannuzzi 10 DAN from Luxembourg, La Punti Arnis De Abanico

Shifu Tan Cha Han

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