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Is meditation part of some religion?

At this studio, classes may have periods of silent meditation. Mentally, it gives students a heightened sense of concentration and it deepens their sense of self. Physically, it improves performance because speed and accuracy are increased when the body is relaxed. It has no religious significance.


Shifu Tan Cha Han

Meditation Courses/Qi Gong/Yoga



(Not on school holidays - Rheinland Pfalz)

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday


10:00 - 11:00 (18:30 Including herbal tea)




IIn der Weißerde 7b

67688 Rodenbach

Call us: 06374 914884


Price: 39,- Euro (per Month) Only for adults only

Lecturer is recognized by the health insurance companies. Grants can be applied for.



Qi Gong

Yoga for the back

Strengthen the back

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